Savings Fund

December 31, 2022

Market Context

  • The Bank of Canada raised its key short-term lending rate seven times in 2022, from 0.25% to 4.25%. The increases were made to slow economic growth and curb inflation, which reached its highest level in 40 years, topping 8% in July. Overall prices have since come down slightly, but are still 7% higher than at this time last year.
  • Central banks remain firmly committed to bringing inflation down, but there are indications that rate hikes may soon be nearing an end. The Bank of Canada surprised markets with a smaller than expected increase of 0.5% in October (as well as December) and noted that it is now considering whether rates need to rise further.
  • While higher interest rates have led to a sharp decline in bond prices this year, they have been welcomed by savers, who are now receiving a better yield on their cash.


  • Corporate paper makes up 56% of the portfolio, while T-Bills comprise 44%.
  • Exposure to bank paper was modestly increased to help enhance the fund’s yield.
  • The pre-fee yield of the fund at the end of December was 4.5%.

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