Savings Fund


To provide a reasonably stable level of current income, while also preserving capital, through investing in short-term debt instruments.

Is This Fund For You?

You have a short investment time horizon (under 3 years) and a low tolerance for risk. This is not a long-term investment vehicle; consider this fund if you are seeking a low-cost savings product.

Geographic Profile

Canada-focused: the portfolio manager invests primarily in money market instruments issued by Canadian governments and corporations.


Nothing fancy here, as capital preservation is key. The fund invests in a number of short-term debt instruments, including treasury bills, high-grade short-term corporate bonds, banker's acceptances and commerical paper. The manager seeks to add value by employing a combination of relatively conservative strategies to enhance the fund's yield.

Estimated long-term mix:

Unitholder Responsibilities

  • This fund is designed as a savings product; make sure that it fits into your investment plan.
  • Understand that money market funds are not designed to provide you with inflation-adjusted growth. 
  • Do not invest capital that is earmarked for long-term growth in this fund.

Portfolio Manager

Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management Ltd.

  • One of Canada‚Äôs premier independent money management firms.
  • Over 30 years of experience managing fixed income assets.
  • Excellent long-term track record.
  • Over $8 billion in fixed income assets under management.