Founders Fund


To provide a combination of capital growth and income through investing in a diversified collection of Canadian and foreign companies, bonds and money market securities.


The all-in fee for the fund is 1.34%, which is meant to reflect the long-term fund mix of the portfolio. The fee includes all of the fund's operating expenses and taxes, as well as all management fees paid to Steadyhand and the managers of the underlying funds. In other words, there is no double-dipping on fees. For further information, click here.

Is This Fund For You?

You have a medium to long-term investment time horizon and a medium risk tolerance. Consider this fund if you are seeking a balanced portfolio of stocks and fixed income securities and the oversight of an industry veteran (Tom Bradley) to make asset allocation and rebalancing decisions on your behalf. The fund is designed to serve as a one-stop investment solution and a core holding within a portfolio, if applicable.

Geographic Profile

Canada and abroad: The fund invests in equities in Canada and abroad, with a tilt towards foreign stocks. The geographic allocation of the fund's equity investments may vary from these parameters, however, based on where the manager is seeing the best value. The fixed income portion of the fund primarily invests in bonds and income-producing securities issued by Canadian governments and corporations.

Estimated long-term equity mix:


The Founders Fund is a fund-of-funds, meaning it invests in Steadyhand's other income and equity funds in order to achieve its objective. The underlying fund mix will be a reflection of Tom Bradley's views on market valuations and asset mix. The portfolio has a long-term targeted mix of 60% equities and 40% fixed income, but the equity portion may range from 40% to 75% and fixed income from 25% to 60%. The manager will make tactical shifts in the fund's asset mix when he feels that stock or bond valuations are at an extreme.

Unitholder Responsibilities

  • This fund is designed as a vehicle that captures all of what we do - the 'undexing' approach to fund management and the professional oversight on asset mix and rebalancing. Make sure it fits into your investment plan.
  • Understand that the manager has greater scope in adjusting the fund's asset mix than most balanced funds.
  • Sit tight. The manager will be making the difficult decisions on your behalf. Let Tom do his thing.
  • Maintain realistic expectations. The fund is a mix of stocks and bonds and its return will reflect the performance of each asset class.

Portfolio Manager

Steadyhand Investment Management Ltd.

  • Concentrated, unconstrained and non-benchmark oriented.
  • Tom Bradley has over 35 years of investment experience.
  • High level of co-investment (investing alongside clients).