Global Equity Fund


To grow your capital at a pace that significantly exceeds inflation through exposure to a collection of leading businesses around the world.

Is This Fund For You?

You have a reasonable investment time horizon (over 5 years) and a moderate to high tolerance for risk. Consider this fund if you seek exposure to a concentrated portfolio of companies in Europe, North America and Asia.

Geographic Profile

Global: the portfolio manager invests in equities around the globe. Concentration is focused in the developed world - western Europe, the United States, and Japan in particular. The fund's geographic allocation may vary considerably based on where the best opportunities lie.

Estimated long-term equity mix:


The fund concentrates its assets in 25-50 equities. To be considered for inclusion in the fund, a company must: offer a product or service that makes sense and can be expected to gain market share over the long-term; have an appropriate risk/reward balance; have a proven ability to generate strong and stable cash flows; and trade at a reasonable valuation. Emphasis is placed on stocks that are undervalued due to the market’s myopic investment horizon.

Unitholder Responsibilities

  • This fund is designed to provide you with exposure to foreign equities and currencies; make sure it fits into your investment plan.
  • Understand the meaning of foreign market risk and the impact that foreign currencies can have on performance.
  • Learn about Edinburgh Partners and their investment philosophy.
  • Keep in mind that a concentrated portfolio may have greater short-term volatility than an index.

Portfolio Manager

Edinburgh Partners Limited

  • Independent Scottish investment boutique founded in 2003.
  • Established by a group of experienced analysts passionate about managing unconstrained, non-benchmark oriented portfolios.
  • Fund managers have an average of over 20 years investment experience.
  • Invest in businesses of all sizes, with a distinct focus on valuation.
  • Turnover is low and conviction is high. It's the Scottish way.