Equity Fund


To grow your capital at a pace that significantly exceeds inflation through exposure to a focused group of Canadian and foreign companies.

Is This Fund For You?

You have a reasonable investment time horizon (over 5 years) and a moderate to high tolerance for risk. Consider this fund if you are seeking a core equity fund that is not focused on tracking an index, but is instead focused on making money in good markets and bad.

Geographic Profile

North American-focused: the portfolio manager looks upon the world as one stock market, but recognizes that sticking close to home is part of their competitive advantage. They invest a majority of the fund in Canadian stocks, but seek to enhance returns and minimize risk by also investing in companies and industries that are not available in Canada.

Estimated long-term equity mix:


The 20-30 equities that make up this fund are a true representation of the portfolio manager’s best ideas. The fund invests in businesses that have a history of profitability, a sustainable competitive advantage and are run by management teams that are committed to increasing shareholder value and have demonstrated an ability to appropriately allocate capital. These are the types of businesses that should outperform the broader market over time.

Unitholder Responsibilities

  • This fund is designed as a core equity holding; make sure that it fits into your investment plan.
  • Maintain realistic expectations. We're looking for base hits rather than home runs; big swings often lead to big misses.
  • Learn about Fiera and their investment philosophy.
  • Don't fear the bear; fear the unprepared.

Portfolio Manager

Fiera Capital

  • Montreal-based asset management firm.
  • Provides its best-in-class investment teams the necessary scope to pursue their particular strategies as boutique investment managers, backed by substantial organizational resources.
  • The Fund is managed by the Toronto-based Fiera Canadian Large Cap Equity Team, which is led by Nessim Mansoor.
  • Nessim's team pursues a conservative, disciplined investment approach with a focus on high-quality companies.