We charge a reasonable fee for our services. And we reward you with even lower fees as your accounts grow and the longer you've been with us.

One Simple Fee

Each Steadyhand fund charges One Simple Fee, which is a fixed percentage that includes the fee for our services (and those of our sub advisors) as manager and all of the fund's operating expenses. In essence, this fee is the same as an MER. The exception being that in our case, you know what the fee is in advance, before you invest.

Advice is included in our fees. We’re here to help you build and monitor your portfolio, and we encourage you to call us at 1-888-888-3147 for personalized advice.

The table below lists each fund’s One Simple Fee along with its category average MER.

Steadyhand Fund One Simple Fee Category Average MER*
Savings Fund 0.45% 0.65%
Income Fund 1.04% 1.92%
Founders Fund 1.34% 2.41%
Builders Fund 1.63% N/A
Equity Fund 1.42% 2.41%
Global Equity Fund 1.78% 2.47%
Small-Cap Equity Fund 1.78% 2.49%
Global Small-Cap Equity Fund 1.78% N/A

*Source: Morningstar (November 30, 2017 figures).

Fee Reduction Program

In addition to our low base fees, we offer reductions based on the size of your assets with Steadyhand and your tenure with the firm. Fee reductions are made in the form of special distributions of additional fund units at month-end.

Our Fee Reduction Program is designed to reward investors who have entrusted significant assets with Steadyhand, as well as long-standing investors in our funds.

Assets Invested With Steadyhand Discount on One Simple Fee
On the first $100,000 0%
On the next $150,000 (amounts between $100,000 - $250,000) 20%
On the next $250,000 (amounts between $250,000 - $500,000 30%
On the amount above $500,000 40%
Tenure With Steadyhand Additional Discount on Your Total Fee
0 - 5 Years 0%
5 - 10 Years 7%
10+ Years 7% (for a total of 14%)

Fee discounts are calculated based on your total consolidated household assets in accounts held directly with Steadyhand, and are applied to each fund in which you own units.

Try our Fee Calculator to see exactly how you can benefit from the Steadyhand Fee Reduction Program.