More gain. Less pain.
Finally, a simpler, more rewarding
way to invest.

It's why Canadians have trusted us with over $600,000,000.

How our funds and advice lead to better returns

Funds that pack a punch
Funds that pack
a punch

You have to look different from the index to beat the index. Our funds are built leaner and meaner than others, with fewer stocks and no filler. We call them undex funds™.

World-class fund management
World-class fund management & advice

Our expert fund managers each specialize in a specific asset type, so their focus is razor sharp. And our client advisors provide qualified, clear-cut advice.

Smaller fees for bigger returns
Smaller fees for
bigger returns

Our fees are significantly lower than elsewhere, with no surprises. And we reward you with even lower fees the longer you're with us and the more your account grows.

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The introduction lunch, Edmonton, November 6

Find out about our investment approach and fund lineup. Meet us. Eat a sandwich. Ask questions. Next session is on November 6th in Edmonton. We'd love to see you!

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How we work with you


We explore your objectives and situation. Then we recommend the mix of stocks and bonds best suited for you – what we call a Strategic Asset Mix (SAM).


We construct a portfolio with you using a mix of our funds that best reflects your SAM. And we help you manage that portfolio over time.


When the markets act up, we’re here for you (see company name).

The people here are amazing. They’re easy to work with, they really care, and they actually encourage you to ask questions. Nancy
Sustainability consultant
I want something straightforward. And to have faith my money has really been put to work. Paul
Their statements make so much more sense than the ones I got from the bank. I didn’t even bother to open those. Deb
I’ve brought a lot of my friends here. I wouldn’t do that if I wasn’t genuinely excited. Cam
General contractor
Most brokers don’t tell you what their fees are. Here, I know exactly what I’m paying, and it’s really, really low. Geoff
Chartered Professional Accountant

What others are saying

I can't think of anyone I would trust more with my money.

What others are saying

I can't think of anyone I would trust more with my money.
You can't find active management with this level of service at such a low fee anywhere else.
Firmly committed to transparency...a rare and welcome occurrence in this industry.
The very things we've been screaming for in a fund company.
Timely and informative communications, and the personal touch [of] a small firm.

What else you need to know

83% of our own money invested in our funds

We put our money where our mouths are.

Real people answer the phones

When you call, you get a live, experienced professional on the line, not a computer.

A leading voice for investors

Read Tom Bradley's regular column in the Globe and Mail, and right here on our blog.

Crystal-clear reporting and communications

So you can see at a glance how you're doing. It's not meant to be rocket science.