Our sole purpose is managing money for Canadians

Your time is valuable, and you want to invest it in your family, career, and passions. Navigating the market’s ups and downs isn’t one of them. Totally understandable. It’s what we live for though; in our DNA you might say. We’re here to take the wheel and get you where you deserve to be financially. With a steady hand.

Thousands of investors have made the switch from the big banks and brokerages.
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How we can help you achieve your goals

  • Actual client care and clear-cut advice
    Understanding your investment goals is our top priority. Our client service team are seasoned pros who are ready to listen, ultra-accessible, and focused on providing clear-cut advice.
  • We focus on buying good businesses, not trading stocks
    Our world-class fund managers are focused on making you money, not chasing indexes or the flavour of the month. Just tried-and-true investment management.
  • Refreshingly low fees
    Our fees are among the lowest in Canada, about half of what you’ll pay at a bank. And we reward client loyalty—because it’s the right thing to do.
  • We put our money where our mouth is
    You have confidence knowing we’re invested alongside you—over 90% of our team’s own financial assets are invested in our funds. Indeed, we eat our own cooking.
  • No beating around the bush
    You’ll always get the straight goods, from total transparency in our reporting and communications to how we run our business. We’ve built our reputation on being an open book.

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You can reach us at 1 (888) 888-3147 7am to 5pm PST Mon-Fri. We answer all calls within 10 seconds, over 90% of the time. Or, book a meeting with one of our Investor Specialists.

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“It was the right decision”

Hélène's story about her decision to invest with Steadyhand

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July 15, 2024

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Managing money is one of those things in life where many people rely on a specialist to take care of things. The problem is how to be sure you're dealing with an investment professional and not just a salesperson. Tom Bradley walks through how you can tell experts from imitators in his Globe and Mail column.

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July 9, 2024

Q2 Report

Stock markets had a mixed quarter while bonds were up. We offer some key takeaways and provide an assessment of how our funds are positioned, and how they performed in the period.

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“I can't think of anyone I would trust more with my money.”

“You can't find active management with this level of service at such a low fee anywhere else.”

“Firmly committed to transparency... a rare and welcome occurrence in this industry.”

“In many ways, the firm has provided the very things we’ve been screaming for in a fund company.”

“Timely and informative communications, and the personal touch [of] a small firm.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who owns Steadyhand & what measures are in place to safeguard my assets?
    Steadyhand is 100% employee owned.

    There are several measures in place to protect mutual fund investors in Canada. It's crucial to note, however, that the safeguards do not protect investors against the decline of an investment due to market fluctuations.

    Investors’ primary line of defense comes from the way mutual funds are structured. The assets in our funds (e.g., stocks, bonds, cash) are held by a third-party custodian (RBC Investor Services) and cannot be accessed by us for any business purposes or activities other than the purposes related to fulfilling the investment objectives of the funds. As well, neither Steadyhand nor any of the companies involved in providing services to our funds have any claim to the funds’ assets. They belong to the funds themselves, and, in turn, the unitholders of the funds. This segregation of ownership ensures that the unitholders of our funds are the only individuals (or entities) that have access or claim to the assets within them. You can read more on these measures, and other safeguards, here.
  • Do you offer advice, and what is the scope of your offering?
    Advice is an integral part of our offering and is included as part of our all-in fund fees. We encourage you to take us up on it.

    The first step we take is to explore your personal financial situation and objectives. We aim to get a good grasp of your unique circumstances by asking about things such as your financial goals, tolerance for risk, and debt, among others. After we get to know you, we move on to building a custom portfolio. We’ll recommend a Strategic Asset Mix (SAM) for you. This is simply a long-term mix of stocks and bonds that we feel will provide you with the best opportunity to meet your objectives. Next, we’ll suggest a mix of our funds to get you to your SAM. Once your portfolio is set up, the market will do its thing. And we’ll do ours. We’re here to provide a steady hand through our ongoing communications and reporting. To read more about our advice offering, click here.
  • Who are your clients, and what type of investor is Steadyhand a good fit for?
    Steadyhand is licensed to offer our funds to Canadian residents of legal age in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. We have clients from the ages of 18 to 90+, with portfolios that range from $10,000 to $10 million. Our average client is in their mid-50’s and has approximately $300,000 invested with us.

    Steadyhand was built for investors looking for a firm that offers clear-cut advice, crisp & friendly service, low fees, and a well-defined investment approach. Our offering has attracted many mid-life professionals that were unhappy with their previous firm, often a bank or brokerage. We feel we offer ‘high-net-worth investing’ for everyday Canadians.
  • What are your fees, and how do they compare to others?
    Our fund fees range from 0.65% to 1.78% (our most popular fund, the Founders Fund, has a fee of 1.34%). These costs are all-in. We do not charge any transaction fees, administrative fees, or exit fees in the event you choose to close your account. In addition to our low base fees, we offer reductions based on the size of your assets with Steadyhand and your tenure with the firm. Fee reductions are made in the form of special distributions of additional fund units at month-end. Our Fee Reduction Program is designed to reward investors who have entrusted significant assets with Steadyhand, as well as long-standing investors in our funds.

    Our average client’s fee is around 1.0%, which is among the lowest in our industry and considerably less than the fees charged by the big banks.
  • Can I purchase your funds through my investment advisor or discount broker?
    Many, although not all, discount brokerages and advisory firms offer our funds. We do not pay trailing commissions to third parties and as a result, some firms choose not to offer our funds. Unfortunately, we have no control over which firms choose to include us on their platform.

    The Fund codes for the Steadyhand funds are as follows:

    Steadyhand Savings Fund - SIF110
    Steadyhand Income Fund - SIF120
    Steadyhand Founders Fund - SIF125
    Steadyhand Builders Fund - SIF128
    Steadyhand Equity Fund - SIF130
    Steadyhand Global Equity Fund - SIF140
    Steadyhand Small-Cap Equity Fund - SIF150
    Steadyhand Global Small-Cap Equity Fund - SIF160
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