Income Fund


To provide a reasonably stable level of income and modest capital growth, while also preserving capital, through investing primarily in bonds, with some exposure to REITs and dividend-paying stocks.

Is This Fund For You?

You have a medium to long-term investment time horizon (i.e., over 3 years) and a low to moderate tolerance for risk. Consider this fund if you are seeking a diversified income solution that will provide a combination of current income, modest capital growth and inflation protection. The fund is designed to serve as a core income holding within a portfolio, if applicable.

Geographic Profile

Canada-focused: the portfolio manager invests primarily in fixed income instruments and income-producing securities issued by Canadian governments and corporations.


The majority of the fund's assets are held in bonds. The manager closely monitors the attractiveness of corporate bonds in relation to government-issued bonds, and will concentrate the fixed income portion of the portfolio wherever the best relative value is found. A smaller portion of dividend-paying common stocks and REITs are included in the portfolio to enhance the fund's yield and provide greater capital growth potential and protection from inflation.

Estimated long-term mix:

Unitholder Responsibilities

  • This fund is designed as a core holding for the fixed income portion of your portfolio; make sure that it fits into your investment plan.
  • Maintain realistic expectations. When interest rates are hovering around 2-3%, don't expect double-digit returns.
  • Understand that the manager has greater scope to enhance the fund's yield than is typical for most bond funds. This can lead to greater short-term volatility.
  • Learn about Connor, Clark & Lunn and their investment philosophy.
  • Remember that while bonds can be boring, they serve a purpose and typically have a low correlation to equities.

Portfolio Manager

Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management Ltd.

  • One of Canada‚Äôs premier independent money management firms.
  • Over 30 years of experience managing fixed income assets.
  • Excellent long-term track record.
  • Over $8 billion in fixed income assets under management.