by Salman Ahmed

Investors might be surprised to learn that their portfolios have likely grown during the first half of 2023 despite the negative news dominating headlines. In this mid-year review, we provide some highlights on how the Founders and Builders Fund have performed, our returns outlook and how we're positioned in a period of inflation, rising interest rates, a European war and general market uncertainty. We also provide suggestions for what retired investors and savers should be doing with their portfolios in this environment, including those enrolled in our newly launched Retirement Withdrawal Program.

In general, it's a good time to rebalance your portfolio and top up any reserves you’ve set aside for emergencies or spending in retirement. It's also important to take account of any cash you might have in your bank and trading accounts. Cash loses value to inflation, so keep cash to a minimum.

We end with an update on Steadyhand. We've got many initiatives underway and our team has been growing too.