by Salman Ahmed

Equity markets have been more volatile over the last two months. U.S. and European markets have declined more than 5% since late-July while the S&P/TSX is down 3%. The recent barrage of bad news about trade and economic growth makes one forget that most markets are still in positive territory so far in 2019.

As an investor, it can be hard to know how to react to all the chatter. Most recently, certain indicators have started signalling a coming economic slowdown, or even a recession. This can rightly worry investors. Other pundits, however, suggest that the markets are overreacting or that a recession might be good to get rid of excesses that have built up in the system to allow for a more prosperous future.

It certainly doesn’t feel great, but market and economic cycles are a normal occurrence in investing and no fund is immune from market movements. As stewards of our investors’ capital, the most important things we can do are ensure our portfolios are diversified and be accessible to our clients. Our holdings continue to be spread over a mix of regions, industries, and asset classes. And we are available, as always, to answer your questions or provide advice during these testing times.