by Scott Ronalds

With the camera rolling, we recently sat down with our five managers for an update on the investment themes they’re pursuing and some of the compelling companies they’re finding. So, grab some popcorn and chardonnay (a fantastic combo, you’ll thank me later) and settle in for some stock talk. The videos each run 7-11 minutes in length.

Global Equity Fund (manager: Anne Gudefin)
Equity Fund (manager: Gord O’Reilly)
Small-Cap Equity Fund (manager: Joe Sirdevan)
Global Small-Cap Equity Fund (manager: Magnus Larsson)
Income Fund (manager: David George)

As a reminder, if you hold our Founders Fund, it’s comprised of the above five funds (plus the Savings Fund) in the following proportions:

Our other “fund-of-funds”, the Builders Fund, holds the Equity Fund (35%), Global Equity Fund (35%), Small-Cap Equity Fund (15%), and Global Small-Cap Equity Fund (15%).

If you have any questions about any of our funds or your portfolio, give us a call at 1-888-888-3147 or email us at