by Salman Ahmed

Galibier Capital, the manager of the Steadyhand Small-Cap Equity Fund, recently announced its intention to become part of Guardian Capital. The deal is expected to close later this summer.

Guardian is a Canadian-based investment manager with over $45 billion in assets under management. The company is a well-known manager of institutional assets (pensions, foundations and endowments) but might not be familiar to most Canadians.

This change will have no impact on our Small-Cap Fund or Galibier’s investment approach. Guardian will support Galibier with its larger sales and client service team and there may be some operational integration down the road.

Overall, we are comfortable with this transition. The Galibier team and name will remain intact under the Guardian umbrella, and the agreement is structured to ensure the firm’s most senior principals are aligned for at least five years. Moreover, we are familiar with Guardian and consider them astute business operators. That said, we will monitor Galibier closely to ensure they adhere to their philosophy. We have a capable bench of managers that we can tap if we conclude your (and our) money will be better managed elsewhere.

If you have any questions about this development, please contact us at 1-888-888-3147 or book a phone or video call with one of our Investor Specialists.

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