by Scott Ronalds

We often say that we have the best clients in the business. It may sound like a throwaway line or marketing-speak, but we can back it up.

From a numbers perspective, we measure things like client retention rates, redemptions during market downturns, and our ‘behaviour gap’ (the difference between the returns that our funds produce and those that our clients actually earn). The hard data shows we have a committed group of investors who stick to their plans, in good times and bad.

Then there’s the human side. From beekeepers to anesthesiologists to marine pilots, we’ve got a diverse and fascinating group of clients for whom we’re fortunate to manage money and advise on financial matters. Through it all, we get to learn about their lives and goals.

A case in point is Hélène. When we set out last year to produce a testimonial video, Hélène keenly accepted our invitation. We were hoping to find a client who would share their unique journey and discuss their investing experience with Steadyhand. Hélène did that and more, and we want to share her story.

Like I said, the best clients in the business.