Trees Canada

by Scott Ronalds

If Steadyhand were a tree, it would probably be a spruce. You know, sturdy, protective, patient. Or maybe a jack pine. These are known to grow in conditions where other trees struggle, and they’ve got a catchy name.

But enough about us. The purpose of this post is to recognize you, our clients and supporters who have helped us grow from just a budding sapling 16 years ago to a seasoned conifer today.

A significant driver of our growth has been the introductions and referrals from existing clients to friends, family, and colleagues. We’re thrilled to see Steadyhand investors so supportive and enthusiastic about our business, and this show of confidence is a cause for celebration!

In recognition, we’ve partnered with Tree Canada to plant 10 trees for each new investor that is referred to us by an existing client. Tree Canada is the only national non-profit organization dedicated to planting and nurturing trees across the country. We’re kickstarting the program by celebrating the 200 new clients who joined us last year with the planting of 2,000 trees in 2023.

Why trees? I could go on with the investing analogies, but I’ll spare you. We all know the devastation our forests have suffered in recent years, with this year’s widespread smoke a vivid reminder. The loss of natural resources and a vibrant tree canopy impacts us all.

Planting trees is an important and timely commitment to Canada’s economic and environmental health, and our climate future. We hope to plant even more in 2024 and look forward to reporting on our plans next year.

Thank you to all those who have introduced friends and family to Steadyhand. Your trust in our business is greatly appreciated. And by passing along our name, you’re now helping to sow more than just the seeds to someone else’s financial future.

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