by Scott Ronalds

There are conflicting views around corporate videos and whether they still serve a purpose today. Beware the rabbit hole on the topic, it’s a deep one. At their core, though, they can help tell a story, explain a product/service, and bring you inside the tent. There’s value in that, in our opinion, so we set the gears in motion earlier this year.

Our search for a videographer had a caveat: they should know nothing about us. We wanted them to discover what we’re all about by talking to key stakeholders and clients, reading investor reviews, and learning about our industry firsthand. And then tell our story and bring to light our value proposition from their eyes … in two minutes or less. We felt this process would bring a unique perspective on the aspects of our business that resonate with Canadians discovering us for the first time.

We’re excited to introduce the finished product, courtesy of our partner on the project, Nathan Skillen. All of Nate’s legwork led him to a key message that underpins the story: At Steadyhand, we’re right there with you on the same side of the table.

Pull up a chair and hit play, we hope it strikes a chord.