by Tom Bradley

I’m going to have company in my Chief Investment Officer role. I’m delighted to announce that Salman Ahmed will be Steadyhand’s Co-CIO.

Salman plays an important and ever-increasing role at Steadyhand. His focus is on investment management but he’s also a member of the Management Committee and acts as a mentor to our younger team members.

Since he joined the firm in 2015, we’ve worked closely together on monitoring our fund managers (we’ve made two changes over that time), providing asset mix advice to our team and clients, and managing the Builders and Founders Funds. Working closely with me isn’t always a treat, but we’ve both gained from the experience and have total confidence in each other’s decisions.

Salman’s new title won’t change how we manage the two funds. I will remain primary manager of the Founders Fund and he will continue to be primary manager of the Builders Fund. We are each other’s backup.

Congratulations to Salman. It’s well deserved.