by Scott Ronalds

We set a new record at the office the other day. Tom’s leftover ponderosa cake was snatched up in 8 minutes flat. And it was a hulking dish. Evidently, managing money can make one hungry.

The kitchen in our office is a great place to find homemade delicacies brought in from various employees. And to lose a finger if you’re not careful.

It’s no secret that we love to cook (and eat) around here. This goes hand in hand with one of our key business tenets — investing alongside our clients, or eating our own cooking as the saying goes. We feel there’s no better way to illustrate a commitment to our investment philosophy and business approach, and ultimately our clients, than to put our money where our mouth is.

We take it a step further by publishing every year the firm’s co-investment levels. The latest figures are in and we can report that (as of June 30th) every employee continues to have a significant portion of their financial assets in our funds. On average, the team has 92% of their financial assets invested in the Steadyhand funds. In dollar terms, the team and our families have $34 million invested in the funds.

These numbers are worth highlighting because they mean that we’re experiencing the same fund performance, fees, client reporting and communications that you are. As we say, we’re on a multi-decade road trip together, and co-investment is a key element of making sure our interests are well aligned.

Note: For a more general overview of co-investment and why it’s important, see our piece Showing you the money.