by Scott Ronalds

Who doesn’t love a shiny new tool?

If you’re in the market for a simple, diversified portfolio, we’ve got just the tool you need — our new Portfolio Builder. It uses our two fund-of-funds (Founders and Builders) along with our income funds (Savings and Income) to create a range of portfolios, whether you’re seeking stable income, aggressive growth, or something in between.

You can play with the Portfolio Builder to explore various types of portfolios and the kind of investors they’re suitable for. Or, if you know the breakdown of stocks and fixed income you’re looking for (what we call a Strategic Asset Mix), the tool can provide you with a recommended mix of our funds to achieve it.

We’ve also updated our Asset Mix Look-through tool by bringing our two new funds into the mix — the Global Small-Cap Equity Fund and Builders Fund. The tool provides a look-through, or x-ray, of the asset mix of all our funds, and any combination thereof. It’s designed for the more hands-on investor looking to construct a tailor-made portfolio using our income and equity funds.

Go ahead, start building. If you get stuck, give us a call at 1-888-888-3147. We’re here to help.