by Scott Ronalds

We occasionally come across prospective investors who aren’t aware that we offer advice. That’s our bad. We haven’t been clear enough in the past on explaining the scope of our advice, and making it known that it’s part of our all-in fee.

Investment advice is an integral part of our offering at Steadyhand. Indeed, it’s where the name came from. Our focus is on exploring your objectives and unique situation and then recommending a mix of stocks and bonds we feel is best suited for you – what we call a strategic asset mix, or SAM. We then suggest a mix of our funds to get you to your SAM.

Once your portfolio is set up, the market will do its thing. And we’ll do ours. We’re here to provide a steady hand and keep you on track with your plan. We do this through our ongoing communications, reporting and conversations (when you call 1-888-888-3147 you always get an experienced professional on the line).

We expand on our advice offering in greater detail on a new page on our website. If you weren’t aware of this service, we encourage you to take us up on it.