By Scott Ronalds

Our Small-Cap Fund declined 14.0% over the past 12 months (ending March 31st). Clearly, a poor return. Rather than hiding from it, however, we’re putting our weakest number in lights.

Most fund companies trumpet their top performing funds, often with a focus on near-term results. It’s an easy sale. Everybody loves a winner.

It’s also poor investing practice. It encourages performance chasing and short-term thinking. One-year returns say nothing about a manager’s ability to deliver results over time. Investors need to focus instead on a manager’s cumulative results over a full market cycle (which should include severe down and up periods) and longer.

All funds and managers go through short-term periods of weak performance, without exception. If you can identify a good manager, the best time to hitch your wagon to him is often when he’s gone through a tough stretch.

We believe we’ve got an excellent small-cap manager in Wil Wutherich. He has a disciplined process and strong long-term track record. And he’s got a lousy one-year return.

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