by Tom Bradley

I do a ton of reading and sometimes send articles or papers around to friends who I think might be interested (or need convincing!). I did this recently with an article by Morgan Housel of Collaborative Fund. It was about what we can learn from history.

Here’s a snippet from Lesson #4 which is titled: ‘Important things rarely have one cause.’

We desperately want simple answers to explain outlier events, because every good story needs one hero and one villain.

But it’s nearly impossible for something big to happen because of one event, one person, or one group.

The world is stable enough that one person, company, or event almost never moves the needle much on their own. But the needle still moves all the time because unrelated things often collide and morph into something important.

The article seemed to strike a chord with everyone I sent it to so I’m sharing it with more of my friends. Enjoy.