by Tom Bradley

Last week, Barry Critchley filed his last column with the National Post. After 35 years, he’s taking a package and riding into the sunset.

If you’ve read Barry’s stuff, you know that he uses his curiosity and contacts to take us inside the investment industry. He writes about deals, products and people, always with a critical eye. He never minces words, as his last column attests.

“The abuse, at the retail level [of the wealth management industry], comes from financial product manufacturers who continue to bring offerings that seem to suit nobody, except that they generate a revenue flow to the manager. A few years back, one such manufacturer said the products keep emerging, the need to fill up the shelf, because “I work on the assumption the adviser needs to feed the kids every month.” The chances are Warren Buffett is not buying such products.”

Good luck Barry. We’ll be watching for your next gig.