Assessing Investment Performance

Assessing your portfolio's performance is a key element of being a successful investor. And yet, it’s one of the ‘muddiest’ and most overlooked areas of investing. Why is that? For one, it takes time to do properly, and two, client statements too often fail to provide the relevant information on investment returns and fees.

At Steadyhand, we are changing that. By giving our clients easy access to the numbers and providing a common-sense framework for assessing investment performance, they are better able to make sound decisions and in turn, achieve better investment results.

Tom Bradley (Steadyhand's president and co-founder) has prepared a practical approach to assessing investment returns in a report entitled, How is My Portfolio Doing ... And What Should I do About It.

He has also prepared a supplementary report that uses the same framework to assess the performance of the Steadyhand Balanced Income Portfolio, which is a hypothetical model portfolio used by a large number of our clients. You can download the reports by clicking the links below.

How is My Portfolio Doing ... And What Should I do About It?

Steadyhand Balanced Income Portfolio: A Performance Assessment

Performance Paper

A common-sense framework for assessing investment performance.

PDF (1 MB)

Tom Bradley's Book

It's Not Rocket Science is a compilation of Tom's articles and blogs based on key principles of investing.

PDF (1 MB)
e-book (e-reader required)
Hard Copy (email us your mailing address)