Advice-Only Planners

Seeking more comprehensive and specialized financial planning than Steadyhand provides? You came to the right place.

Canada has a network of independent Advice-Only Planners (AOPs) who are experts in fields such as estate, tax, and retirement planning. Below, you’ll find some helpful resources on these professionals.

What is Advice-Only Planning?

As the name implies, these planners focus on one thing: providing advice. They do not sell investment products, and unlike other financial advisors, do not receive commissions or referral fees for their services. In this sense, they are truly objective and independent. AOPs charge a fee for their time, advice, and reports, ensuring complete transparency.

Often, these planners will specialize in one or two fields to ensure a deep level of knowledge and expertise in their areas of practice. AOPs will work with your other financial providers, such as Steadyhand, to help you implement their recommendations.

We have gotten to know the community well and value the role Advice-Only Planners play in helping Canadians manage and plan for their financial futures. Watch our short video below to learn more about AOPs.

Advice-Only Planner Directory

As an open source resource for investors, we maintain a directory of these professionals, which includes their practice specialty(s) and geographic region they service. It is updated annually.

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If you'd like to discuss your situation and receive a few suggestions of planners who may be best suited to help with your needs, please contact us at 1-888-888-3147. We'd be delighted to walk you through our Directory.