by Salman Ahmed

OpenAI's ChatGPT has made artificial intelligence, or AI, mainstream. AI has long been used by companies such as Amazon and Netflix to make personalized suggestions. Now it's being employed across a variety of industries. Microsoft has embedded its Copilot feature in Excel and Word. GitHub allows subscribers to build code using AI. And further advances will likely make personalized medicine and autonomous vehicles a reality.

In this video with Aylon Ben-Shlomo, managing director at Aristotle Capital (the manager of our Global Equity Fund), we explore the history and future of AI. Specific to investing, we discuss why stocks of microchip producers like Nvidia have been the main benefactors and how other stocks like Samsung, Qualcomm, and even gravel company Martin Marietta stand to gain. Aylon also weighs in on AI's impact on power consumption and the labour force.