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Video: Equity Fund Update

Excerpt from Scott Ronalds's blog on September 22, 2014

We sat down with Gord O’Reilly and a high definition camera earlier this month for an update on the Equity Fund. Gord is a founding partner at CGOV Asset Management, the firm that manages the fund, and is the key decision maker for the portfolio. We ...

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Mark Your Calendar - National Portfolio Simplification Day

Excerpt from Scott Ronalds's blog on September 18, 2014

September 12th was National Chocolate Milkshake Day. September 5th was National Cheese Pizza Day. August 26th was National Dog Day. August 13th was International Left-handers Day. August 6th was National Root Beer Float Day. Something screwy ...

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What's Wrong With Vanilla?

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on September 11, 2014

I had a coffee with a retired financial executive last month. We were talking about Steadyhand and he asked if we did ‘alternatives’. He said he didn’t want conventional bonds and stocks. In the July 4th Financial Times, one of my favourite writers, Gillian ...

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Central Bankers - Dreams and Distortions

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on September 9, 2014

Last month we had record auto sales in Canada and the U.S. Vehicles are zooming off dealer lots. Meanwhile, it continues to be a sellers’ market for real estate in most parts of Canada (give buyers a deadline and watch the offers come in). I guess we shouldn’t be ...

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Eating our own Cooking

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on September 4, 2014

One of our key business tenets is co-investment - the practice of investing alongside our clients. We feel there’s no better way to illustrate our commitment to our investment philosophy and business approach, and ultimately our clients, than to put our money ...

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Unfinished Business: It's Time to End Embedded Commissions

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on September 2, 2014

"Our financial adviser is such a nice man. Every year he takes us out for a wonderful dinner. I wish we could pay him in some way." This is an exact quote from a friend’s mother. It’s a classic example of a Canadian investor not knowing what he or ...

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Embrace Volatility - Generate Better Returns

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on August 27, 2014

“It’s not volatility itself that generally leads to poor longer-term performance, but rather it appears to be investors’ emotional reactions to volatility that ultimately lead to poor performance.” – Richard Bernstein, Richard Bernstein Advisors, New York. This is an ...

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The New Xerox

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on August 25, 2014

When I came out of business school too long ago, it was a given that if you wanted to pursue a sales career, you went for a job with Xerox or IBM. These organizations put their recruits through extensive training and were known to be the best sales organizations ...

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Global Equity Fund - Why Japan?

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on August 21, 2014

One of the more ‘non-consensus’ strategies we’ve pursued over the last few years has been the Global Equity Fund’s commitment to Japan. Although there have been periods when Japan has contributed to client returns, on balance it has been a drag so far ...

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Buying Canada: An Inexact Science

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on August 19, 2014

There was a story in the Report on Business on Monday about the results so far from China’s oil investments in Canada. To date, Chinese energy acquisitions (including CNOOC’s purchase of Nexen and Petrochina’s pending acquisition of 40% of ...

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Topping up the Spending Reserve

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on August 15, 2014

It's been a good time to be an investor over the last five years, but at Steadyhand we've been playing a cautionary tune of late. As we explain in our Current Thinking on the Home Page, valuations are getting stretched in the bond and stock markets. Clients should ...

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Searching for a Portfolio Manager

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on August 13, 2014

One of the joys of Steadyhand's success is that we get to bring other turned-on people into the company and gain from their experiences and energy. With our growth, it's time to add some depth to the investment side of the firm. In our latest posting, we're looking ...

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