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Canadian Real Estate - A Crack in the Tree

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on July 30, 2014

“It’s like if the tree in the backyard has a crack in it, you worry it’s vulnerable to a storm. But if no storm happens, it goes on and on, and maybe eventually strengthens through growth. If the right storm comes along and knocks it onto your neighbour’s house ...

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Meet Lori

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on July 29, 2014

I’m pleased to introduce our newest steady hand, Lori Norman. Lori is joining our team in the role of Investor Specialist and will work closely with Chris, Scott, David, Sher and me in helping our clients build and manage their portfolios. Lori has close to 20 years of industry experience, primarily in institutional bond sales, and more recently as an Investment Adviser. She started her career in London, England ...

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Want to be a Better Investor? Think of Yourself as the CEO

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on July 23, 2014

Much has been written about the flaws of the investment industry. Recently Michael Lewis stirred the pot with his book about high-frequency trading called Flash Boys. In this space, I’ve talked often about high fees, complex products, unattainable promises, and ...

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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on July 21, 2014

Steadyhand has now been in business for over seven years. That’s exciting for all kinds of reasons, but today I’ll focus on just one – investment returns. We now have 7-year numbers, and not one, not two, but three 5-year performance periods. Clients can look ...

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Excerpt from Scott Ronalds's blog on July 16, 2014

sen∙ti∙ment (noun) The mood of the market. The attitude of investors towards the near-term prospects for a particular index, asset class, or security. Some investment managers view market sentiment as a valuable contrarian indicator. That is, when the bulk of investors are sour on the prospects for the market, it is often a good time to buy, as much of the bad news is already reflected in prices and the ...

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Asking About Fees

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on July 14, 2014

In his column in the Report on Business the other week (How to Discuss Fees With Your Investment Adviser), Rob Carrick provided investors with a list of questions to ask their adviser about fees. In case any Steadyhand clients are interested in asking the questions ...

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Bradley's Brief - Q2 2014

Excerpt from Scott Ronalds's blog on July 11, 2014

From our Quarterly Report: “It’s not the time to chase yield or return, but rather, it’s about managing risk and making sure the odds are in your favour ... I don’t think a 10-20% cash cushion is excessive at a time when we’re going through a grand economic ...

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One National Regulator - Two Small Steps

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on July 10, 2014

It was announced yesterday that Saskatchewan and New Brunswick have joined Ontario and British Columbia in committing to a Federal securities regulator, currently (and hopefully temporarily) named the Cooperative Capital Markets Regulatory System. Why do ...

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Bond Yields - Ontario vs Italy

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on July 7, 2014

In presentations over the last year, I’ve often referred to Ontario as the Italy of Canada. In other words, its finances are abysmal. At a time when the province’s key economic drivers, housing and autos, are booming, the fiscal deficits are large and show signs of ...

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Addicted to Zero

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on July 3, 2014

I opened the Financial Times website this morning to see that the unemployment rate in the U.S. had dropped to 6.1%. Beside that headline was a story about the Dow Jones hitting 17,000. Just minutes before, I saw in the Globe and Mail that Canada and the U.S. are ...

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Five Ways to Get Some Buffett This Summer

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on June 30, 2014

1). Make ‘Snowball’ your holiday read. 2). Go to summer school with Professor Buffett. 3). Read ‘The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America’. 4). Grab a beer and popcorn and watch a few Buffett videos on YouTube. 5). Head to Dairy Queen for ...

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Getting in the Business

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on June 26, 2014

I saw a note that 150,000 people worldwide wrote CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) exams on June 7th. It’s a reminder of how tough it is to get into the investment business. For some reason, lots of young people want a piece of the great gig that we have ...

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