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Income Fund: A Focus on Dividend Growth

Excerpt from Scott Ronalds's blog on April 14, 2014

Roughly one-third of our Income Fund is currently invested in stocks. Equities add both diversification and yield to the portfolio, which can be particularly beneficial in today’s low interest rate environment (10-year government of Canada bonds are yielding a paltry 2.4% ...

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Bradley's Brief - Q1 2014

Excerpt from Scott Ronalds's blog on April 11, 2014

From our Quarterly Report: Looking to the future, the advice we’re giving our clients has increasingly focused on risk management. Rising stock prices have resulted in increased valuations and a renewed thirst for risk assets. The current stock market run ...

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Excerpt from Neil Jensen's blog on April 10, 2014

There has been a lot in the news over the past day or so about the Heartbleed bug. We were alerted to the issue on Monday evening, the same day the bug was announced on That evening we checked all of our major systems, including our ...

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Excerpt from Scott Ronalds's blog on April 9, 2014

di∙wor∙si∙fi∙ca∙tion (noun). The practice of owning too many securities or investments such that a portfolio starts to look very similar to the broad market and has no sense of direction. Also known as Overdiversification. The term is taken from The Steadyhand Dictionary, which is a collection of investing terms and colloquialisms. Some are widely used, some aren’t used enough, and some are seen ...

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Borrowing to Invest

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on April 7, 2014

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve met with two prospective clients who were dealing with unpleasant situations related to investment loans. In one case, the loan proceeds were used to purchase mutual funds with deferred sales charges. (I haven’t quite ...

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Three Ways we Let the Power of Compounding Slip Through our Fingers

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on April 2, 2014

Set up a long-term investment plan and stick to it. It’s easy to say and difficult to do. What makes it so hard are the inevitable market extremes, which range from “I can retire today” euphoria to “I hate the stock market” depression. At both ends of the spectrum, it’s ...

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Job Opportunity: Investor Specialist

Excerpt from Neil Jensen's blog on March 31, 2014

Are you passionate about helping Canadians be better investors? Do you want to help change the landscape in the wealth management industry? If you can say yes to ALL these questions, you should check out this job posting for an Investor Specialist ...

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BRIC - Rest in Peace

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on March 31, 2014

BRIC is an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India and China. It was created by Jim O’Neil, the Global Economist at Goldman Sachs (who became a celebrity in the business press as a result). BRIC was meant to symbolize the shift in economic clout from the developed ...

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China - How Slow is Slow?

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on March 27, 2014

“The potential growth rate has fallen to 7-8 per cent, partly because of a shrinking labour force; excess capacity has become massive even by Chinese standards; financial risks have risen, driven by excessive local authority borrowing, housing bubbles and growth ...

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Excerpt from Scott Ronalds's blog on March 25, 2014

short term∙i∙sm (noun) (1) To focus on short-term market moves, economic news or company fundamentals. (2) To act on recent events without considering the longer-term implications. (3) To veer off course from an investment plan based on prevailing trends or fads. (4) Investors plagued by short-termism often damage their portfolios by buying high and selling low. (5) A chronic condition ...

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Wait for an Executive-driven Model

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on March 24, 2014

I generally don’t go through prospectuses of new issues. Scott put one in front of me last week, however, and it made me wonder if I’ve been missing out. The document, which was related to the PIMCO Global Income Opportunities Fund, had all kinds of ...

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It's Good to be Here

Excerpt from Scott Ronalds's blog on March 20, 2014

The sun is shining. Flowers are blooming. And ideas are sprouting. It’s the first day of spring in Vancouver, and as our local brewery says (Granville Island), it’s good to be here. Leading thinkers, innovators and communicators have swarmed the city for the TED ...

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